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  Stiletto nails

  Stiletto nail trend comes from Russia and Eastern Europe in terms of representing the new nail fashion, being predestined a perfect feminine look.
  Whether the nails are built on a pattern or with tips, with gel or acrylic, Stiletto nails are, by all means real jewels.

  Stiletto nail shape makes the women`s hand look more delicate, because of the length and design which can be a simple and always elegant French, to a colorful design, hand-painting accessorized with jewelry or three-dimensional flowers.

  A good technician can help you to choose the ideal size and shape of your Stiletto nails .Those are making wonders for hands with short fingers.
  These nails are perfect for the woman who would love to adopt a unique, modern look that will put them in the spot light.

  It is said that women avoid this form because they fear the lack of convenience, but the truth is that Stiletto nails are as comfortable as other forms of nails (square, oval, bridge, edge, etc.), some people considering them as the most comfortable.

  To get a look guaranteed and in order to keep your natural nails in a good condition, always opt for a professional technician to apply and maintain your artificial nails!


long nails

long nails

long nails



photo by  Maria D.