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  Nail tips are used to extend the existing nail length, to produce a desired shape and that is the support that we will work later for decoration.
  Nail tips can be of several types: natural, transparent, french tips or pre designed tips. The last types are the easiest and cheapest way to have beautiful nail art designs.

  Pre-designed tips are extremely popular and can be applied easily at home if instructions are followed. The only requires are a little attention and care when you are shaping them. Pre designed tips will save you time and will also save you money too so they are definitely worth having in stock. They can be purchased from online stores in a large variety of shapes and colors.

   Nail tips advantages:
  • Safe to use
  • Many different designs, shapes and colors to choose from
  • Apply nail tips in seconds anywhere you go
  • Save time (no need for lenghthy appointments at a nail salon)
  • The most affordable manicure and pedicure ever
  • Easily replace damaged nail tips
  • Stop biting nails
  • Nail tips are easy to apply, easy to remove!
  • Creating a strong durable nail designs











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